Mint approach to
geodetic work

Introducing our solution

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Mint approach to

geodetic work

Introducing our


Abandonment of manual work

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Unique solution for improved geodetic work

Mobile application that replaces terrain sketch management and automatically pairs topographic symbols with measured points.

Paperless geodetic sketch management enables the creation of geodetic plan in real time, simultaneously with field work.

Add and edit point and line elements, which with topographic symbols illustrate natural elements.
Add elements with manual selection or with image object detection.


Create point sequences and use them for automatic addition of points, depending on the order of selected sequence.

Remaining functionalities for optimal work:

  • Overview of all jobsite points
  • Choice of map type
  • Show / hide layers
  • Review and analyze data

Customized GIS / CAD functionality which automatically pairs the topographic symbols from mobile application with measured points imported from instrument


Application works without internet
and GPS connections

Supported on Android
and iOS devices

Supported on mobile
and tablet devices

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    Watch the presentation video

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