How it works?

Problem description

A manual sketch is managed in the field, which contains the measured points with appropriate numbering and description of the points. After completing the field work, it is necessary to import the points from the instrument and manually pair them according to the manual sketch.

Pairing is a time-consuming, error-prone manual job.

Solution mintmap

In the field, the sketch is managed within the mobile application. After completing the fieldwork, the imported points from the instrument are automatically paired according to the data from the mobile application.

Pairing is automated, and instant with no possibility of manual errors.

App Overview


Organize your work within a mobile application with jobsite management.
Create a new jobsite or continue working on an existing one. Within the selected jobsite, add and arrange point and line elements on the basis of the map.

Adding points

Add point elements that use topographic symbols to illustrate natural elements on the field. Add elements by manually selecting a category and topographic symbol, or by image object detection.

Editing points

Existing points can be edited at anytime. You can renumber, move, or change the topographic symbol of a point. You can also delete points from the jobsite.

Adding and editing lines

Lines are created by adding points that form lines. Add a point that represents a line node and connect each node to each other. Line elements can also be renumbered, moved, subsequently re-linked or deleted.

Point sequences

Create point sequences and use them to add elements automatically. Determine the order of the recurring points and the direction of the sequence. Sequences are available in all jobsites, use them to add points, depending on the order of the selected sequence. Adding points with sequences replaces manually selecting the topographic symbol of the newly added point.

Points overview

Review all points contained in the jobsite. Find the selected point with the search bar, selecting the element will redirect you to the location of the selected point.

Choice of map type

Change the map type, choose between topographic view, land use or satellite image.

Show / hide layers

Select which point categories are shown or hidden on the map.

Analyze data

Examine which jobsites have the most points, how many points were recorded per day, and which category of points predominates.

Jobsite export

Export jobsites from a mobile application via e-mail to import in GIS and CAD tools.

Creating a geodetic plan

With customized GIS / CAD tool functionality, automatically pair topographic symbols, exported from a mobile application, with measured points imported from the instrument.

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